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The Venus electric treatment bed is an incredibly comfortable esthetic bed. It comes equipped with 4 motors that control its height, backrest, footrest, and seat inclination. The Venus esthetic bed can sit at a 90° angle or lay flat depending on your preference for each treatment.
The armrests are reversible & the headrest/footrest can be easily extended or removed. The headrest also has a removable cushion that reveals a facial hole, which makes it much easier for patients to breathe while lying on their stomachs. The Venus electric treatment bed itself can also be lowered very close to the floor.
In addition, its ability to swivel allows users to have complete control of the rotation of the chair. This durable furniture is made of synthetic leather and is very easy to clean.

It comes with remote control.

*AVAILABLE IN: White, Pink, Black, Light Gray and Dark Gray

Benefits of the Venus Electric Bed:

• 4 motors
• Very comfortable cushions
• Removable armrest
• Adjustable headrest 
• Swivel function
• Remote control option

Equipment features and specifications:

Max bearing: 550 lbs
Motors: 4
Standard Control: Side-Switches and Reset Memory Button
Handset: Remote control and
Upholstery: PU Leather
Certification: CE
Voltage: 100V-120V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Gross Weight: 198 lbs
Net Weight: 170 lbs

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