Naomi Memory Foam Lash Bed Topper (Cover Bed is not included) $289.00



Effective lashing and facial treatments depend on your skills and tools, including providing a comfortable and stable lash bed for your clients. If your clients can’t relax and enjoy the process in comfort, they will move more during the service, causing you delays and frustration!

A lash bed should be comfy and secure, allowing the clients to let go of the external world and feel at ease even during longer appointments. Our Naomi memory foam mattress topper will help you perform the treatment efficiently without clients moving due to discomfort.

This modern, sleek mattress topper is the ultimate mix of stability, softness, and quality. It is a must-have element of every satisfying beauty treatment that ensures maximum relaxation.

Key Features & Benefits

Dense and comfortable memory foam padding
Non-slip base keeps it in place.
Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
Product Details

Available in five colors: Velvet Pink, Velvet Grey, Pink, Black, and Grey
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