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1064nm ND Yag Max – 755nm Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

is a single consolidated system that delivers a tange of reatments-all skin type hair removal, as well as vascular lesions. With DCD cooling, it’s a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755m Alexandrite laser with 1064m Nd: YAG laser for high performace, safety and patient satisfaction. Hair can be burnt and removed immediately.

Alexandrite Laser Advantages

High power 4000W.

2 in 1 755m alexandrite laser & 1064nm ND YAG laser.

The best absorption peak of melanin wavelength, for all skin and all color hair removal.

Adjustable Spot Size

The spot size can be adjusted from 6-20mm diameter, easy operation for large and small area.

Best Cooling System

DCD Cooling + Air Cooling + Water Cooling, comfortable and painless

Imported Optical Fiber

Fiber is imported from USA, makes it mare stable, ensure best treatment results.

Laser hair removal light pulses target the hair follicle causing the hair to fall out and minimizing further growth. May be used for hair removal in any location including underarms, bikini line, face, neck, back, chest and legs.Facial & spider veins, pigment removal, wrinkle removal.Beard bumps(PFB), redness removal.
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