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Collagen thread needless 1pk (12thread)

LIFT AND SHAPE A BEAUTIFUL FACE, Protein thread that can be eaten by the skin, for loose face, Skin care with collagen threads.

REDUCE FINE LINES, smooth away wrinkles and improve elasticity for a stunningly youthful glow, complete apple muscle, lifting the lower jaw line, rubbing yellow gas from the face, dilute the law lines, eye fine lines, fade forehead lines.

BRIGHTEN SKIN TONE, Micro-ecological layer, improve sagging, face lift, firm and lift to make the skin full of collagen to achieve a brightening effect.

MOISTURIZE THE SKIN AND INCREASE SKIN TENDERNESS. Deep hydration, promote absorption. The combination of small molecules in the protein liquid solvent and hydrolyzed collagen can moisturize the skin and make rough skin silky and soft.

SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPE. Protein thread of natural ingredients suitable for women of different ages.
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