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2-in-1 PRP tube + HA:

Each Blood Collection Tube contains:

• 2ml of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid (with 16mg/ml, total 32mg) provides hydrodynamic volume replacement of the extracellular matrix while stimulating fibroblasts and keratinocytes to produce collagen and elastin cells.
• Gel Separator Layer – 6 ingredient non-bioactive weighted gel acts as “valve” to separate RBC and granulocytes below gel and platelets above.
• Anticoagulant – 1.3ml Citric Acid (ACD) prevents coagulation of platelets for maximum recovery.

2-in-1 PRP tube + HA is a moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid combined with the biological stimulation of autologic platelet-rich plasma.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) acts as a temporary skin substitute, whereas platelet-rich plasma stimulates the surrounding cells.

The three-dimensional structure of hyaluronic acid is rapidly colonized by fibroblasts, which produce components of the extracellular matrix and promote the orderly reconstruction of the skin tissue.
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